Warnock and his Democrat allies are spending millions of dollars on nice TV ads – but they are hiding a secret.

Warnock was taken away in handcuffs after interfering in a police investigation of a summer camp that he was running. His camp faced numerous allegations of abuse – including an incident where a camp counselor threw a bucket of urine on a child.

Warnock’s camp was shut down for failing to find five counts of child abuse. According to the Daily Caller, the camp was deemed “unsafe to operate due to unreported violations.”

Don’t believe us – listen to Anthony Washington, a camper who experienced the abuse firsthand. Anthony told the Free Beacon, “I don’t think nobody like [Warnock] should be running for damn Senate nowhere, running a camp like that. He should not be running for government.”

Raphael Warnock might be a slick Washington politician – but do you really know him?