You might think you know Senator Raphael Warnock — the nice guy with the beagle he rented for TV ads. But do you really?

His ex-wife admitted, “I’ve tried to keep the way that he acts under wraps for a long time.” During their divorce two years ago, police were called to the scene of a dispute in which Warnock’s wife said he ran over her foot with his car after an argument.

Earlier this year, he was accused of neglecting his small children and failing to pay court childcare costs – despite being worth more than $800,000 and making $174,000 a year from taxpayers. To make things worse, he had the case sealed so Georgia voters couldn’t find out the truth.

When officials tried to serve him papers, Warnock ran from the process server.
Georgia voters are learning a lot about Senator Warnock – but take it from his ex-wife who described him best: Raphael Warnock is “a great actor.”